Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge is located just three kilometers northeast of Arusha city Centre. The City of Arusha is the regional capital and the largest city in the Arusha Region. Surrounded by some of Africa’s most famous natural attractions, it has earned a reputation as the safari capital of East Africa due to its proximity to a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries.  Arusha is branded as Tanzania’s “Tourist Mecca’’ and is considered to be a gateway and natural stopover for foreign visitors wanting to explore Africa’s wildlife heritage – the Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, Olduvai Gorge, Arusha National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro. The famous Rift Valley cuts right through the middle of the region from north-to-south, whilst Oldonyo Lengai (Mountain of God in Maasai language) is an active volcano to the north of Ngorongoro. Altitudes vary widely throughout the region, predominantly ranging from 900 to 1600 meters (3,000 to 5,500 feet in elevation). Mt. Meru, the second-highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro, peaks at 4,655 meters, and it is nestled under the foothills of Mt. Meru that you will find this beautiful city.

Economic activities in the region are diversified between tourism, trading and commerce, banking, agriculture, food processing and the manufacturing of goods. Arusha is also a major international diplomatic hub, hosting the headquarters of the East Africa Community, Pan African Court of Human Peoples’ Court, and other many major international organizations.

The City of Arusha maintains a very pleasant climate throughout the year. Its elevation of 1,400 meters on the southern slopes of Mount Meru means it keeps relatively cool year round, even becoming rather chilly at night particularly during the dry season from early June to mid-October. The temperature ranges between 13°C and 30°C with an average of around 25°C, with very low humidity.

Getting to Arusha: Arusha is served by Kilimanjaro International Airport for international as well as domestic flights; the airport is located about 60 kilometers east of the city. Arusha Airport (just 15 kilometers out of the city) provides domestic flights across the country. Arusha is well-connected by road transport to Nairobi, Dodoma, Dar es Salaam and all other major cities across East Africa.

Language: There are many native languages spoken in Arusha and across Tanzania; however, Swahili and English are the official languages of the country and Swahili (the national language) is spoken by almost everyone.

Communication: Cell phone networks are available everywhere in Tanzania, with internet connections available across Arusha. Most hotels in Arusha have internet and WIFI available for guest use. Unlimited wireless Internet service is available free of charge in all public areas and apartments at Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge.