When you’re planning for your next vacation or have a short stay with us here at Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge, then don’t hesitate to take advantage of our day trips. They include a spectacular selection of sightseeing tours, cultural tours, nature experiences as well other outdoor activities. Enjoying and having fun is what characterizes our day trips; informative local guides will be assisting you in familiarizing yourself with many of the local lifestyle – primarily the local culture and environs. They are absolutely magical day trips! The plan is to take you on an adventure of a lifetime, even if it’s just one day!

It is all about the African experience! Taste the local food; visit the local market or school… four to six hours will be sufficient for the Arusha Town tour or take a best swim into the hot springs. Those who consider themselves to be more adventurers can test their abilities by canoeing across Lake Duluti or may walk around it to watch and hear bird calls of the biologically diverse forests on the lake surroundings.  Other experiences could include a visit to one of the nearby waterfalls, walking to the Maasai boma, hiking to the nearby hills, and of course plenty of other activities to choose from!