In addition to our range of high-quality apartments, Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge has excellent onsite facilities carefully tailored to make your time with us as relaxed as possible. We provide an onsite restaurant with Swahili cookery lessons, mature gardens, plus a small library with a selection of books and materials. We also have a comfortable lounge room and bar plus other facilities to provide you with your every need during your stay!


Luggage Storage Room: At Kundayo we offer all of our customers’ free luggage storage prior to check in and after check out.   We frequently house luggage for guests who are heading off safaris or mountain hikes and do not wish to take cumbersome luggage with them.  We are happy to store your bags into our secure luggage storeroom until your return. We also offer a free-luggage store on departure day, to allow you to enjoy those last few hours in Arusha without having to transport heavy bags with you around town.

Free Secure Parking: Take advantage of our free on-site car park. We offer free private secure parking while you stay with us.

Botany at Kundayo: Kundayo is situated within peaceful, green surroundings, with clear views of Mount Meru alongside its own grass, flower and vegetable gardens under the shades of banana trees. Other botanical features are a wide range of indigenous leafy trees, terminalia trees and pomegranate fruit plants planted throughout the lodge grounds. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of our beautiful local bird-life chirping in the morning or our peaceful cicadas lulling you off to sleep in the evening!

Library: The Mini Library at Kundayo features some selection of Swahili learning materials plus a selection of books on African history, culture, arts and literature. In addition, the library also stocks a limited selection of magazines, books and works of literature from outside the continent. Local weekly newspapers are available for your personal enjoyment.

“Moto Lounge”: The fireplace lounge, named “Moto Lounge” is a wonderful place to relax with a good book, a glass of wine or to gather with friends or family for an evening. The room features a comfortable and cozy atmosphere surrounding a central fireplace, with comfortable couches and plush chairs, with local artwork decorating the walls. Its sophisticated, cozy and romantic atmosphere offers a perfect place for relaxation. Why not enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee, or cocktail or a drink, and order some delicious pizza or snacks while socializing by the fire


Cooking Class at Kundayo: While in Arusha, why not take the time to learn to cook some delicious Swahili recipes and traditional Tanzanian dishes which you can share with your family and friends when you get back home? At Kundayo we not only provide quality lodging but we can also organize cooking classes in our onsite kitchen. Our chefs are waiting to pass on their knowledge of authentic and delicious local food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With the very best local chefs using different recipes, techniques and styles of cooking you will be provided with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the preparation and cooking of local dishes. After each session you will get to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal of your own creation! The classes are offered in a range of packages including – Private Classes, Cook & Stay Packages, Group Classes and Custom Cooking Classes…. talk to us today to make a reservation!

Outdoor Painting Workshops:  The famous Tingatinga painting style of Tanzania dates back to the mid-1960’s in the Oyster Bay area in Dar es Salaam, where it was developed by a man called Edward Tingatinga. A self-taught artist, he painted under a baobab tree and became very successful throughout his short career: thus the genre is named after him. Following his departure, Tingatinga‘s students started to teach others and nowadays this kind of painting is Tanzania’s most well-known style of artwork, popular across the art world. Why not learn the basics of Tingatinga right here at Kundayo? We have teamed up with experienced and talented local tutors ready to pass on their techniques to you. Their skills and rich experience will provide you with the chance to learn a wide range of tricks, tips and techniques when it comes to Tingatinga paintings. Talk to us to find out more about our outdoor painting packages at Kundayo!

Learn Swahili at Kundayo: Kundayo is also an ideal place for someone who is eager to learn Swahili Language –  in a most comfortable setting. While staying with us, we can help to arrange for your Swahili Language lessons with well trained, experienced and professional language teachers who are committed to offering you with the highest standards of teaching. Moreover, Swahili learning experience at Kundayo is combined with packages of cultural activities and tours in order for you to become familiar with the local environment and culture.  These Swahili language lessons can be arranged in one-on-one lessons or as group lessons! Please do not hesitate to ask for more information!