Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge adheres to a philosophy that emphasizes the creation and promotion of a genuinely prosperous society.  The company’s social responsibility plan aims to benefit society by undertaking operations that are in harmony with the environment and actively pursuing social contribution initiatives.   Although economic growth of the company is imperative, we place great importance on working to create a sustainable social and environmentally focused foundation. Maintaining this consciousness is necessary for Kundayo to realize continued growth, advancing environmental and social contributions in conjunction with enhancing our image and establishing further trust within the local community.

In order to ensure a sustained focus on controlling environmental impacts, we identify and eliminate the greatest causes of wastage by applying the following:

  • Using low-consumption electrical fittings (such as energy serving bulbs),
  • Switching off all but essential equipment when in use,
  • Using instant showers instead of using electrical boiling tank water heaters,
  • Replacing paper records with electronic records whenever applicable
  • Reusing stationery where possible,
  • Eliminating water leakages,
  • Recycling waste plastic materials and paper, and
  • Using other necessary environmental protection measures.

At Kundayo we understand the importance of supporting the local community as significant stakeholders for the long-term success of the company. The company therefore participates and engages in the community’s joint efforts to improve social services around the immediate area and in other nearby communities.  We continually seek partnership with various community groups, working together to tackle environmental issues and social matters.

The management of Kundayo is fully committed to ensuring good use of the resources to ensure a sustainable environment and the continued well-being of the community. It is committed to ensuring operations will always meet international environmental standards, health and safety policies and guidelines, as well as ensuring that the operational practices of the hotel are adhering to both the Tanzanian National Environment Policies and the Environment Act.