Christina Dorough

“This has been a dream come true to be in Africa. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. The apartments have been most accommodating and I hope to come back soon. Staying here has been like home away from home. I have truly enjoyed the service, food and all the smiles! All my love”

Liza Fromer

“Thank you for your warm, gracious hospitality…. you’ve helped to make my first trip to Africa a truly memorable one! All the best”


“I have enjoyed staying at Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge: I could not have asked for a nicer place: secure, cozy, private, with an awesome view of Mount Meru. The greatest of service; the staff are warm and dedicated, and their service is the best. Kundayo Serviced Apartments is a true reflection of the famed African hospitality and is a tribute to the people of Tanzania.”

Yvonne Chan
Yvonne Chan, Hong Kong

It has been wonderful spending time at Kundayo, because of how warm and friendly everyone is. I called Kundayo my “Home” at Tanzania and I could not imagine my journey to Tanzania without your help and hospitality. Thank you so much for everything and thank you to everyone here. I’ll definitely return to Kundayo if I visit Tanzania.

– Canada

Dear Kundayo Lodge,
Thanks for making our stay in Tanzania a welcome and friendly one! Your staff were always there to help and made a real difference to our stay.

Keith, Australia

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Michele – USA
Michele – USA

Thanks for a lovely place to relax several days on safari. Great food, great staff, great atmosphere!

Grace Shin
Grace Shin, South Korea

Everyone in our group will agree – this is the best place to stay in Tanzania! Thank you so much for your hospitality, accommodations, and care. You all definitely helped us create a 2-month home here in Arusha. You guys are the best!
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– UK

Thank you for your kindness, friendliness and pleasant nature throughout my stay, I enjoyed being here very much – you are truly wonderfully kind people. Many thanks,

Bethany Oliver, Florence
- Alabama

Thank you for your warm hospitality! I look forward to visiting again! Everything was about the stay was perfect

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