Swahili Learning Study-Stays Packages at Kundayo provide an opportunity to stay and study basic Swahili in the most comfortable of settings. Over the last five years we have teamed up with well trained, experienced and professional tutors who are committed to offering the highest standards of teaching. They have been teaching Swahili to foreigners for very many years, unquestionably they are the BEST! Their main objective is to ensure that the students learn basic Swahili as much as possible for the limited time they have, and at the same time to ensure that they have numerous fun-loving activities as they could be able to combine learning with short safari and adventure, eco and cultural tours, excursions, volunteerism, tree planting and so on!

These courses can be arranged in groups or as private lessons and are offered as study-stays from one-week up to months! They are offered in all levels from complete beginner to intermediate learner. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Swahili, it can be personalized to meet up with your every particular needs.  It is true that every student is different with his/her own reasons for wanting to know Swahili, be it for business or just for fun! These courses are delivered at various levels using teaching methods that are modern and effective. The goal is straightforward – enabling you the ability to “Communicate in Swahili Competently”

Moreover, the location of Kundayo does provide the students with a far more effective and rapid process in learning the language as it has greater opportunity for the students to mix with the locals who are living in the immediate area by which majority if not all of them are only converse in Swahili. Indisputably, learning a language in the country in which it is spoken is definitely the most effective way of knowing that language!